martes, 24 de mayo de 2016

Digirtal Identity Investigation

  1. The person I have investigated was Álvaro G. from 4ºA, and using his name and surnames in Google with quotation marks (example: "Federico García Lorca") an with the name in the last position (example: "García Lorca, Federico"), and with this technique I was in charged of investigating Álvaro G, and Daniel V. from 4ºB (my partner) investigated Andrés M. from 4ºA, and we found this information:

 Álvaro G. 4A:
  • He plays in preferente , cadet first group ( Rayo Majadahonda)
  • He is 16 years old , he celebrates his birthday on January 22
  • Loses 2-5 against Villaviciosa (Las Rozas)
  • He have played for Las Rozas 
  • Spanish gay
  • Álvaro´s blog 
  • Simbaloo- Álvaro G 4A

Andrés M 4A:

  • Twitter ( @Andrew_ATMrules)
  • Google account
  • Favorite footbal team Atletico de Madrid , but he aklso likes Cristiano who plays for Real Madrid
  • He likes some famous youtubers
 1. What do others see about you on internet ?
Later who needed to know what other founded about me.
The have found that i am a soccer player who play for the team called Electrocor C.F

2. What dores google know about me?

After all this , we searched what google knews about us and if something was wrong , we could changed it:
Here i found that google kenews what my adress was and my movements along the day and what i did that day 
I needn´t had to change nothing because all was alright.

3. Lets control what google shows about me :
Finally, we searched what google showed about as that was a simple information like i was a man